Vintage Gucci Jewelry

Gucci jewelry is an unrivaled combination of opulence, high artistry and contemporary glamour. It is both daring and elegant and carries a mystique that eludes other brands.

If you are looking to add vintage Gucci jewelry to your collection, you have come to the right place. Gucci is a brand worth collecting and here you will find information and links you need to start collecting today!

The first pieces of Gucci jewelry were the Double Gs and the Horsebit in gold and gemstones. Since then, the jewelry line has grown exponentially. Today, it includes made-to-order parures that are the height of innovation and craftsmanship as well as gold and silver rings, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, and necklaces. All are timeless designs that become treasures.

Timepieces and jewelry are produced by Gucci’s own skilled craftsmen: master watchmakers work in Gucci’s own ateliers in Switzerland, and goldsmiths create magnificent pieces in Italy.

In 1969, an epic family feud erupted and did not end until 1993 when all the family members were bought out by a corporation. Today, Gucci is a subsidiary of the French luxury group Kering.

Buying Gucci jewelry a lot like buying art. You can think of your treasures as an investment—and they are, because surely demand for Gucci jewelry will stand any test of time. But you also want your collection to have aesthetic value; you want to be able to enjoy it for its beauty.

Start your collection now by visiting our collection at:


  • Due to its incredible popularity and value, there are many sellers who try to pawn off fake Gucci jewelry. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • The price can be a clue. Check out Gucci prices on their official website to get an idea of the prices. If the price is too low, or too high, pass the piece up.
  • There are certain places and people that are more likely to sell counterfeits. For instance, a seller who does not settle in one place long, is always moving, sells from a suitcase is suspect.
  • Do not allow yourself to be rushed into making a decision to buy. A reputable vendor will give you all the time you need.
  • The vendor should look and act professional.
  • Counterfeit products often have incorrect spellings or designs.
  • If you can get to know Gucci up close and personal, you will become familiar with how it looks and feels and are less likely to be fooled by fakes. Your local authorized Gucci dealer will be glad to give you a crash course in Gucci.

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