Does Holiday Jewelry Have The Power To Cheer Us Up During This Pandemic?

We look forward to this time of year especially spending the holidays with the ones we love. However, most of us will not be able to celebrate the season with family and friends this year. In fact, most of us will likely resort to communication with each other through the internet. Probably using Apple’s FaceTime, our e-mail apps or something similar. So, don’t you want to look your best on-line this holiday? Everyone looks more vibrant and festive with jewelry. Not to mention, what would make a better gift a necklace or earrings that you can actually see your mother wearing? Imagine seeing your gift on her Facebook & Instagram posts? What about giving an exquisite holiday brooch that you will eventually see sparkling on your Grandmother’s shoulder while you’re chatting over the internet? A gift like this would certainly become an instant memory and a cherished heirloom! Jewelry creates lasting memories, like a perfume scent. What about a timepiece that you know Grandpa could use? A watch is something we could ALL use during this pandemic…a time when NO ONE seems to know what day it is let alone the time!

We also prefer to give a good impression and put our best foot forward with on-line interviews and cyber meetings. Since most are currently working from home our colleagues are now getting look at us up close from the front of our laptops and desktops. A beautiful jewelry set or brooch would polish your look tremendously and we have recommendations for EVERYONE! Minimalist or tons of sparkle and dazzle…we’ve got beautiful jewelry and accessories that make functional and absolutely exquisite gifts to someone you love or update your own jewelry box! What could put a bigger smile on your face and light it up at the same time? So, what is the answer the question; can holiday jewelry cheer us up? We say YES, it most certainly DOES!

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”

~ Coco Chanel

Choose from vintage designer jewelry to brand new accessories that are trending and highly collectible. Adding something new to your vintage collection in your holiday jewelry collection or give lavishly to someone special this season with something from our on-line boutique.

With the holidays fast approaching it’s time to tick off some of those people’s names on your list and there’s no better place to go for all your needs than Hampton Jewelry & Treasures. We ship immediately and guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. The jewelry and accessories are all professionally sterilized prior to gift wrapping and shipment.

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PoshMark Boutique

Hampton Jewelry & Treasures On-line Shop

You deserve some CHEER this holiday season!

Jewelry is like a biography…

A story that tells the many chapters of our life.

Shop our sales now and Happy Holidays from ALL OF US to ALL OF YOU! STAY SAFE!!!


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    That snowman is so adorable


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