VINTAGE 1980s LIONS HEAD Thick New York City Style 12K Gold Plated 17″ Choker Chain Necklace

Lions Head GOLD CHAIN Necklace 1.jpgThis exquisite, NYC style lion’s head necklace is exceptionally stunning, thick gold plated, detailed and in great vintage condition. This piece would make an awesome gift for vintage collectors, or make it a spectacular new addition to your own jewelry collection! This necklace features a roaring golden lion’s head in the center which matches most of the earrings in our shop.

The lions head emblem is as popular as ever and is a statement implying ‘do not trespass,’ knock before entering or face the wrath of the lions! Famous designers, including CHANEL, are embracing this concept, and symbol, as seen in their newly released lion’s head jewelry collections. It is also a common theme, signifying protection, found in statue form in sets of two, standing prominently in front of hundreds of Hampton’s mansions and estates. These is a piece representing the strength and courage of the lion…a conversational, bold and confident statement in these times!

The necklace is choker length measuring 17″L while the pendant in the center of it measures 1.”L x 1″W, weighs 3.8 oz., and is in beautiful vintage condition. There is a very small amount of chipping in the plating only on the single clasp connector, which is completely unnoticeable and no wear on the rest of the necklace whatsoever, as shown in the photos. This slight blemish does not show and is common among vintage jewelry. This piece has been priced accordingly.

Please take a look at the other amazing lion’s head jewelry, which match this piece, from our collection in our shop!

Use this link to view this stunning necklace and our Lion’s Head Jewelry Collection in our shop!

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