VINTAGE 1980s SPECTACULAR Lion’s Head Matte Gold Sunburst Statement Earrings

Lions Head Starburst Earrings 5.jpg
These spectacular lion’s head earrings are exceptionally stunning, matte gold plated, detailed and in good vintage condition. They would make an excellent gift for vintage collectors, or make them an awesome new addition to your own jewelry collection! Each earring has a roaring golden lion’s head with a circle of gold sun rays bursting out from them.
The lions head emblem is as popular as ever and is a statement implying ‘do not trespass,’ knock before entering or face the wrath of the lions! Famous designers, including CHANEL, are embracing this concept, and symbol, as seen in their newly released lion’s head jewelry collections. It is also a common theme, signifying protection, found in front of hundreds of Hampton’s mansions and estates. These are pieces representing the strength and courage of the lion…a conversational, bold and confident statement in these times!

These earrings are gold plated, they measure 1.125″L x 1.125″W, have comfort pads on clip-on backings and are in good vintage condition. There is a small chip in the plating on one of the sun rays and some wear on the backsides of the pieces as shown in the photos. These slight blemishes are completely unnoticeable, are common among quality vintage jewelry and have been priced accordingly.

Please take a look at the other amazing lion’s head jewelry from our collection in our shop!

Use this link to view these spectacular earrings in our shop!

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