VINTAGE 1980s Sarah Coventry Pearl Choker Necklace/Bracelet

Sarah Coventry Necklace 0c.jpg
Founded in 1949 by Charles Stuart, Sarah Coventry was named via the combination of his granddaughter’s first name and the town of Coventry in England. Sarah Coventry did not focus on getting prime counter space in department stores, or selling its wares to Hollywood movie stars in order to move its inventory. Stuart’s approach was more grassroots, using house parties (a la Tupperware and Avon) to get people talking about his affordable jewelry with their friends and neighbors. Sarah Coventry advertised its jewelry as being “for the woman who dares to be different,” and was sold in 1984. Today, collectors worldwide covet their, what are now known as, vintage designs.
This gorgeous faux pearl piece is worn as a choker necklace but can also be worn elegantly wrapped around the wrist.

This piece measures 15″ in length, has a spring ring clasp and is signed SARAHCOV

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